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Wheatland School District

Learning for All


We strongly encourage volunteers in our schools. Volunteers may assist in a variety of tasks such as:
  • aiding in the instructional program
  • organizing classroom parties
  • assisting the class on field trips
  • assisting in schoolwide programs
  • helping contact classroom parents when necessary
If you are asked to help by your child's teacher or you volunteer, please make every effort to follow through, as your child and the teacher are counting on you.

The Wheatland School District policy allows only parents/guardians of Bear River and Lone Tree School students in classrooms and on field trips. When volunteering, please make other arrangements for preschool-age or non-enrolled children.

All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the office upon their arrival to receive a visitor's pass and sign a confidentiality agreement.

If you wish to talk with a teacher regarding your child, please write a note or call the teacher for an appointment. Other siblings may not visit the classroom with parents or students.


The Wheatland School District has a fingerprint requirement for volunteers. Anyone who attends a field trip or volunteers in classrooms must be fingerprinted.

The following volunteers do need to be fingerprinted:

Any volunteer who may be in a situation where they are with students and not always under the direct supervision of a teacher.

  • Any volunteer who will be working in the classroom, in the library, kitchen/cafeteria, etc.
  • Field trip chaperones
The following volunteers do not need to be fingerprinted:
  • A guest speaker not working with children.
  • A high school volunteer with a written recommendation from their school administrator.

Fingerprinting must be completed using a Live Scan system at a local law enforcement agency. The cost of the Live Scan can vary depending on the place in which you go to have it done.  There is a rolling fee that is collected by the person processing your Live Scan as well as an FBI fee and DOJ fee.  This cost will need to be paid by you in order to obtain the proper clearance to work with our students.  You will need to get the fingerprinting form at your school office or at the District Office prior to having your fingerprints (Live Scan) done.

Answers to Frequently asked questions:

  • If you have completed the Live Scan process with another reporting agency, such as the military, another school, or another district, do you still need to complete the Live Scan process again?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes.  Different reporting agencies are currently unable to share this information.  Therefore you would need to have your fingerprints processed again with Wheatland School District as the reporting agency.
  • If you are active duty are you required to complete the Live Scan process?  Once again the answer is yes.  California state legislation, AB 1025 and AB 346, require all volunteers to be fingerprinted.  This must be done using the Live Scan system.
  • How long will your fingerprints remain on file?  As long as you have a child in the Wheatland Elementary School District your fingerprints will remain active in the system and you will not need to have them processed again.  If you are a volunteer and do not have a student in our school, your prints will remain on file as long as you volunteer on a regular basis.
  • Do I need anything to get prints done?  Yes.  Forms are available at your school site or District Office. 
  • Where do I go to get prints?  A local law enforcement agency can take fingerprints for you using the Live Scan process.

We understand this is a significant investment to complete the process, we know you will understand the procedure in accordance with state law, helping to keep our students safe.