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Ideas That Can Be Shared, Printed, Downloaded and Accessed on a Variety of Personal Devices 

General Resources

Read-Aloud and Listening



History/Social Science


Virtual Field Trips


World Language


Physical Fitness

Sami Kader - at 1 p.m. weekdays (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealSamiKader)

Social-emotional support ideas

Keep Calm and Structure On: How to manage emotions and build structure at home during COVID-19
Please feel free to contact your school psychologist or counselor below if you have questions about the videos or how to apply it to a particular situation/children and any specific needs. Email, call or text if you would like!
Jennifer Walsh  - jwalsh@wheatland.k12.ca.us - 530-305-0607
Janelle Stevenson - jstevenson@wheatland.k12.ca.us - 949-463-3049
Alicia Stokes - astokes@wheatland.k12.ca.us - 916-869-1580

Additional Resources