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Wheatland School District

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Wheatland School District's Transportation Services, like all other functions of the District, is motivated by the ease and usability for our students and parents; in transportation this means the shortest ride time between school and home. Wheatland School District will be using Education Logistics to create our bus schedules in the coming school years, so parents can expect quarterly checks of the bus schedules to make sure our students spend the least amount of time on the bus.
Bus Rules

Bus Rules


    1.       Be at your bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives. Everyone needs to stand in line (hands and feet to yourself) and wait for the bus driver to open their door before approaching the bus.

    2.       Once you are seated you are to REMAIN in the same seat.  Let the driver know if you are being annoyed by another student.  The driver can then assist you in changing your seating.

    3.       Be responsible for your safety and the safety of others.  Keep all parts of your body and all belongings inside the windows and out of the isles at all times. If you have a large bag or instrument it can go under the bus. PLEASE LET DRIVER KNOW BEFORE LOADING OR UNLOADING ITEMS UNDER BUS.

    4.       Face the front while seated.  IF YOUR BUS IS EQUIPPED WITH SEAT BELTS PLEASE BUCKLE UP (click it or ticket) 13 CCR 1224

    5.       If it does not belong to you:  LEAVE IT ALONE.

    6.       PROFANITY, WHISTLING, YELLING, SCUFFLING, THROWING or any other DISRUPTIVE behavior is not permitted.

    7.       FOOD, DRINKS, GUM AND CANDY are not to be eaten or drank on the bus.  (water bottles only)

    8.       If you cause physical damage to a bus you will be held financially responsible.

    9.       GLASS ITEMS such as bottles/flower vases are not permitted on the bus.

    10.    ANIMALS:  alive or dead (including bugs) are not permitted on the bus. 13 CCR 1216

    11.    RADIOS, PHONES and VIDEO GAMES are permitted on the bus but are to remain in the student's possession.

    12.    NO CAMERAS are to be used on the bus including phone cameras.

    13.    ALL BELONGINGS ARE TO REMAIN IN BACK PACKS OR BAGS AT ALL TIMES (eg: balls, blankets, pillows, lunches).


    15.    RAILROAD CROSSINGS:   No talking at all Railroad crossings while the bus is stopped (silent bus). 22452 VC

    16.    RED LIGHT CROSSINGS:  Any student that needs to cross the road the bus is stopped on WILL be red light crossed with the bus drivers.  Never go behind the bus to cross the street. 22112 (d) (1) VC

    17.    Permission to leave or board the bus at any location other than your normal stop is to be cleared with the principal or designee.  WRITTEN PERMISSION must be presented to the driver (transportation will be denied if not cleared through the office).

    18.    Show respect to self and others, including all adults.  Remember the driver has the final authority on the bus, a power granted by the California Highway Patrol in order to ensure the safety of all.

    19.    CALIFORNIA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE Title 5 CCR Section 14103:

    a.        "Students transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of and responsible directly to the driver of the bus.  Continued disorderly conduct or refusal to submit to the authority of the driver shall be sufficient reason for a student to be denied transportation".


      1st referral - warning.

      2nd referral - three day loss of bus privileges.

    3rd referral - ten day loss of bus privileges.

    4th referral - permanent loss of school bus transportation privileges.

    Automatic five day loss of bus privileges.  (Fighting or overt challenge of the bus driver's authority.  Next referral will be ten day loss of bus privileges).


    STUDENT'S NAME:_____________________________

    PARENT'S SIGNATURE:__________________________


Bus Discipline Policy

Bus Discipline Policy

First referral: Warning
Second referral: Three-day loss of bus privileges
Third referral: Ten-day loss of bus privileges
Fourth referral: Permanent loss of school transportation

Severe consequences, first through fourth referral: Fighting and/or overt challenge of driver's authority will result in automatic bus suspension and placement at a level where next referral will be a ten-day suspension.

The cooperation of all students and parents is requested so that students being transported under school authority shall be guaranteed the greatest possible safety. Students must realize that their safety as well as that of their schoolmates depends upon cooperative bus conduct.
CA.Gov Motor Vehicles

CA.Gov Motor Vehicles

VC Section 34501.6 Schoolbuses Reduced Visibility

34501.6    The governing board of a local educational agency that provides for the transportation of pupils shall adopt procedures that limit the operation of schoolbuses when atmospheric conditions reduce visibility on the roadway to 200 feet or less during regular home-to-school transportation service.  Operational policies for school activity trips shall give schoolbus drivers discretionary authority to discontinue schoolbus operation if the driver determines that it is unsafe to continue operation because of reduced visibility.


If you have any concerns or questions about the bus schedules, please contact:

Kathy Ellison
Phone: 530-633-3134