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Enrollment for the After School Program 2022-2023 Begins May 27, 2022 at 4PM

Enrollment for the After School Program 2022-2023 Begins May 27, 2022 at 4PM


The form will go live HERE on May 27th at 4PM


It is so easy, you can enroll using a smart phone and you will get a pop-up message stating that the form has been submitted. Due to COVID-19 and the need for physical distancing, all enrollment will be done online. 

Parents will be notified regarding their child(ren)’s enrollment status (via the email you provided on your form); parents will either:
  • Be notified that their child is confirmed to attend the program and will be sent a detailed enrollment form to complete and return OR
  • Be notified that their child is on a waiting list and that the program will contact them when a space becomes available.
We will confirm enrollment at the end of July. 

The 2022-2023 C.A.R.E. Program:

  • starts on August 17, 2022 and ends on June 8, 2023.
  • is open Monday through Friday from the end of the school day until 6pm. 
  • is open on minimum days and is closed on school holidays and December 16, 2022 and June 8, 2023 for professional development.
  • is available to students entering grades Transitional K-8 in the fall at all Wheatland School District schools. 
  • Flyers are sent home with every child in the Spring and posted at the School and After School offices; may be found online, at your child's school office or at the district office. 

While C.A.R.E. accepts applications through out the school year, open enrollment begins May 27, 2022 at 4PM. Please note that state guidelines related to COVID-19 may impact program capacity. Priority enrollment will be given to students who qualify under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and Foster Youth as well as free and reduced priced meals.  Space is limited and students are enrolled in the program on a first come, first served basis once priority order has been applied. There may be a waiting list. Completed forms may be returned online or to your child's school or any After School Office.  Children's enrollment must be confirmed by the After School Office before they are allowed to attend. Please know that the program has resources to provide language translation. 

After School C.A.R.E.

After School C.A.R.E.

C.A.R.E. = Clubs, Academics, Recreation, Enrichment

C.A.R.E. provides safe and supervised after-school environments and enrichment activities to improve academic achievement and school participation. Using a Learning Center format, C.A.R.E. offers:

  • Homework Assistance (1st-8th grades as assigned by school) and Computer Labs
  • Academic Intervention and Enrichment Classes
  • Physical Activities, Student Interest Clubs, Arts, and Games

At C.A.R.E., students learn and grow through play. Play provides students with an opportunity to learn while engaging in fun activities, to discover things about themselves, and to build social skills and confidence. Enrichment classes do not feel like traditional school as classes are filled with hands-on and "disguised-learning" activities. Examples of activities are arts and crafts, gardening, inventions, tournaments, individual and group games, and more.  Please know that students are provided a nutritious afternoon snack daily and that homework assistance is open Mondays through Thursdays. Your student is called by grade level for homework assistance (i.e. 4th-8th at Bear River, 1st-5th at Lone Tree/Charter, 2nd-3rd at Wheatland Elementary).  The homework center offers: a quiet environment for independent  homework completion/reading; staff assistance with questions; staff check for homework completion (We do not correct homework); homework tracking charts & rewards; parent homework notices, as needed; and access to supplies  that include, but are not limited to, pencils, erasers, rulers, measurement  tables and charts. Students must attend the regular school day to attend the program - if students are signed out from the school day office and not signed back in to the school day office before school dismissal, then students may not attend the After School Program.



Mailing Address:  Wheatland School District After School Program, 123 Beale Hwy, Beale AFB, CA 95903
Email Address:
After School Office on Beale Air Force Base (Serving TK through 5th grade Lone Tree Elementary School and the Wheatland Charter Academy students)
  • Lone Tree School, Room 35                
  • Tel (530) 788-7342

After School Office in Wheatland (Serving 4th through 8th grade Bear River School students)

  • Bear River School, Room D104     
  • Tel (530) 633-3135 ext. 2222 and (530) 415-2378

After School Office in Wheatland (Serving TK through 3rd grade Wheatland Elementary students)

  • Wheatland Elementary School, Room 27  
  • Tel (530) 633-8027 and (530) 415-2350


Fee Policy The Wheatland School District After School Program charges a monthly participation feeRates are purposefully kept as low as possible to ensure that District parents are able to access services at the lowest cost possible. In addition, full and partial scholarships are available based on need. Fees are waived for students who qualify under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, Foster Youth, or the Free/Reduced Meal ProgramPlease contact Tara Aroz at (530) 788-7342, for more information regarding scholarships.



Program Participation Fees: Please do not make a payment until enrollment is confirmed by email.


  • Monthly fees are determined using a sliding scale and considering family income and ability to pay. 
  • All fee rates include scheduled minimum days.
  • Fees are calculated with all non-school days during the school year (including holidays) considered. Fees will not be applied for school year program days in August or June. The regular year monthly rate will be applied for, each month, from September through May.
After School Program Fee Structure
Payments are due by the First Friday of each month.  Payments can be made via, or with exact cash or check at your child's After School Office.  Checks are payable to WSD After School. Please pay at your child's After School office or mail to: After School Program, 123 Beale Hwy, Beale AFB, CA 95903.  C.A.R.E. does not provide invoices or fee reminders. There will be no refund or pro-rating for school holidays, illness, or absenteeism.
NOTE: There are no fees for Academic Intervention and GATE enrichment classes. 



Program Rules

Program Rules


  • Attendance is taken daily. Students attend the After School Program on their school site. Students are expected to arrive within 10 minutes of school dismissal to the designated After School area for check-in.  Unless we are notified, you will receive a call if your child does not arrive at the expected time. 
  • Children are required to maintain a minimum attendance rate of 90% (approx. 2 absences per month). The Legislature intended that elementary school students attend the full day of the program every day in which students participate (EC Section 8483[a][2]) and is not a drop-in or child care program. Please know that repeatedly signing your child out within 15 minutes of the program start time does not meet the daily attendance requirements. Parents of children who do not meet these requirements will be notified regarding removal from the program.
  • Children attend the full program (e.g. daily for TK-5th grades and 3 days per week for 6-8th grades), unless a written early dismissal policy is in place.  A written statement from the parent/guardian specifying dates, times, and the qualifying condition satisfies the early dismissal policy. 

Early Dismissal: Children attend the full program, unless a written early dismissal policy is in place. A written statement from the parent or guardian specifying dates, times, and the qualifying condition satisfies the early dismissal policy. Qualifying conditions are:

  • Attending a parallel program (programs in the school or community, e.g. soccer, baseball, music lessons, Youth Center).
  • Family emergencies (such as a death in the family, catastrophic incidents, etc.).
  • Medical, dental, mental health, and legal appointments.
  • Child incidents that occur during program time (e.g. staff call parent/guardian).
  • Weather conditions and other conditions (e.g. safety) as prescribed by the school.
  • Military exercises and custody agreements.
  • Observance of religious holidays and ceremonies.
  • Extreme transportation constraints (including but not limited to walking home and impacts of daylight savings).
  • Parent choice and family schedules (and other circumstances as approved). 

Sign-Out: Children must be signed out by a parent or authorized adult. To further ensure safety, only persons listed on the Enrollment Form are allowed to pick up and sign out your child, and they must show I.D. Children are not allowed to leave and re-enter the program without a parent/authorized adult.

Walkers: Students are authorized by their parent/guardian to walk home. Students will be signed out per parental instruction on enrollment form or 30 minutes before dark during the winter months. To ensure your children's safety, they are not allowed to leave the campus and re-enter without a parent/authorized adult.

Late Pick-Up: It is our policy to charge $5 per minute for late pick-up after our 6:00 pm closing time.   Three late pick-ups per family warrant termination from the program (including Camp programs).

Illness & Emergencies

Illness & Emergencies

Your child's health and safety are paramount. In the event of an emergency, parents/legal guardians are immediately notified. If a child becomes ill, a parent or emergency contact is called. Minor accidents are reported to the parent, and the parent can determine if further treatment is necessary. If parents cannot be reached, the emergency contact is called. If the parent or emergency contact cannot be reached, the proper authorities are called, and the staff will remain until the parent or emergency contact arrives. Emergency services will be contacted immediately in the event of a head injury or other injuries determined to be severe by the staff.

Occasionally, we have cases of head lice. Our  policy requires that students with lice be sent home and are not allowed into the program until they are nit-free. Please notify your child's After School teacher if you find your child has lice, so we can follow proper procedures. For information on head lice and treatment, please click here.



Behaviors warranting discipline shall include, but are not limited to, any act harmful to themselves or others, or actions that hinder cooperative play or activities. Examples are hitting, throwing things, forceful pushing, running away, using abusive/obscene language or behaving in a disruptive manner. 

Methods of disciplinary action include talking with the child, temporarily removing the child from an activity, or limiting the child's participation. If a child repeatedly misbehaves, cannot get along with other children, and does not respond to staff discipline, a discussion with the parent will be held. Based on this discussion, a plan may be developed and implemented. Children may be suspended or terminated from attending the program if the child's behavior disrupts or interferes with the operation of the program.  Removal from the After School Program is for the length of the program year (i.e. a student expelled in the 2022-23 school year is eligible for re-enrollment at the start of 2023-24 school year). 
Student Medication

Student Medication

Any student who is required to take medication prescribed by a physician after school, may be assisted by designated personnel if the school district receives:

  1. a written statement from the physician detailing the method, amount, and time schedules that the medication is to be taken and
  2. a written statement from the student's parent or guardian indicating the desire that the school district assist the student in the matters set forth in the physician's statement. 

Medication must be in the original container, appropriately labeled by the pharmacy. Parents may request the pharmacist to dispense two bottles of medication; one for home and one for school. If your child needs to take medication during the program, contact us for forms and coordination with the school day.


Other After School Programs

Other After School Programs

For information on other programs held after school hours, please click a link below: