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Classroom music is offered to all K-5th grade students in each classroom. The Band program is offered as a co-curricular activity for students in 6-8th grade.

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This program provides English language learners with challenging curriculum and instruction that develops proficiency in listening, speaking, writing, and reading as rapidly and effectively as possible in order to assist students. Children whose first language is one other than English are provided with special material and
instruction to improve their skills in English. A language census is taken at the time of enrollment, and children who need additional opportunities in English are given listening and speaking activities appropriate for the assigned grade levels.

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The English Language Development program is integrated into each classroom and offered as a pull-out program for students recommended by individual teachers. The District employs a full-time bilingual instructional assistant to help deliver program components in order that second language learners successfully learn and speak English.

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Wheatland School District offers a program for pupils with diagnosed learning disabilities. There are resource specialist teachers who provide remedial support for pupils in the regular classrooms and in specially designed out-of-class instruction. Parents may request to have their child evaluated for the special education program. The classroom teacher and/or the Principal will assist parents in making the request.

Psychological ServicesTop of Page

The services of the Wheatland School district psychologist are available to parents and pupils in the Wheatland School District. Some of the services offered are the following:
  • Student Study Team
  • Consultation with parents whose children may be experiencing school problems
  • Conferences with teachers to plan classroom adjustments based on psychometric information
  • Identification and placement of pupils with specific learning disabilities
  • Identification and placement of pupils who are unable to benefit by instruction in the regular classroom

Early Academic Intervention (EI)Top of Page

Wheatland School District believes every child can learn. To help support this belief, our staff has designed an early academic intervention program (EI). This program enables students who are struggling in the areas of reading, math, and /or written language to participate in small groups to assist in the identified areas of weakness. The goal of the EI program is to help prevent students from falling through the cracks and maintain their growth toward grade level

Accelerated ReaderTop of Page

Wheatland School District has made a commitment to "intervene early to prevent problems, especially in reading fluency and comprehension." An important component to reading fluency and comprehension is to encourage and promote a variety of reading for all students. All 1st - 8th grade students will be given the opportunity to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program which will promote this variety of reading. This computerized reading program will encourage
students to participate in a nightly motivational reading program to increase reading achievement, fluency and comprehension. Library books can be checked out regularly.

Life Skills InstructionTop of Page

A para-educator teaches alternatives to inappropriate behavior and works with students who, due to behavior and inattention, require individualized instruction. Alternative educational environments are provided for students who need modified instruction.

MentoringTop of Page

The purpose of All Children Excel (A.C.E.) Mentoring is to provide early intervention and prevention services through one-on-one mentoring relationships. Trained mentors will model 23 appropriate decision-making and goal-setting techniques. As a result of this relationship, students will be encouraged to excel academically and socially.

CounselingTop of Page

Each school site has the services of a school counselor available. The role of the counselor is to:
  • provide support for children with social and/or emotional problems
  • foster communication among children
  • Foster communication between the child and parents
  • provide crisis intervention as needed
Moreover, the counselor serves as a resource person to parents and teachers. He/she refers and directs parents and students to appropriate outside agencies and programs for specialized services when needed.

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