Preschool Program

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We will begin On-line Enrollment on April 9th for the 2018/2019 school year.

Will your child be 3 or 4 years old on/by September 1, 2018?

Please read the information below and follow the steps to enroll.

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Part-Day Preschool runs 3 hours a day on the school-year calendar, with morning classes, 8:30-11:30 am. The Part-Day Program is open every day that Wheatland schools are open --  to view the Part-Day Preschool calendar click here.
18/19 School Calendar

Enrollment in the Part-Day program is available in two ways:
  1. Private: Parents/guardians pay full program fees.  
  2. Subsidized: Based on family size and income.
View the directions below to learn more about accessing this program through our subsidized list.

Apply for Free Part-Day SubsidyTop of Page

To qualify for the Subsidized Part-Day Preschool subsidy:

Notes on calculating income:

All "gross" monthly income (before taxes are removed) must be reported. However, you may subtract certain deductions from gross monthly pay before reporting:

  • Housing Allowance (BAH - military)
  • Any child support paid out

Further deductions may be taken at the time of Registration.

Please use the guidline below to check for income and family size.

Income GuidelinesTop of Page

Please click on the link below to check your family size and monthly income.
** New Guidelines as of July 1, 2018 **
Subsidy Guidelines Click Here.

***If you do not qualify for Subsidized Preschool you may be eligible for our Private Pay Option.
The Private Pay Fees for 2018/2019 will be:
3 days a week = $324.90 a month;  4 days a week = $424.65 
a month;   5 days a week = $513.00 a month.

Payments will be 10 payments from August 17th to May 5th.

2018/2019 EnrollmentTop of Page

In order to Qualify for Preschool you will need to:
-Determine if your child is age eligible for Preschool, (Will your child be 3 or 4 years old on/by September 1, 2018?)
-Determine that you meet the Income Guidelines, if you do not you may be eligible for our Private Pay Option

*New Student Enrollment:

You are now ready to enroll On-Line.

Please fill out all of the necessary paperwork and download the documents for Preschool. You will need to bring this paperwork with you to an appointment to complete your enrollment for registration. 
*Returning Student Enrollment:
Please Print a new packet and bring to your appointment to complete Registration. 
All Students
*The paperwork and/or packet must be complete for your appointment. Please call Nichole Steenberg at 530-633-3130 ext.1115 to make your appointment.
* You will need:
1. Packet 18/19 and/or Paperwork from on-line enrollment
2. Vaccination Records- All immunizations must be up to date
3. Income Verification- Prior Month's check stubs of all household income
4. Proof of Residency- address must be in California
5. Physical Examination- done within 30 days of preschool sign-up or with-in the past year

Preschool Handbook 18/19


2 Preschool LocationsTop of Page

Wheatland School District offers preschool programs at 2 sites:

  • Lone Tree School: 123 Beale Highway, Beale AFB 
  • Wheatland Child Development Center: 711 West Olive, Wheatland 
  • Preschool Office: 111 Main St.,  Wheatland

Program ContentTop of Page

The children enrolled in our Part-Day class receive:
  • Morning snack
  • Core learning - literacy, math, science, social studies, art, music, dramatic play, computers, blocks, health & safety, outdoor play
  • One paid staff member to 8 children (1:8 ratio) -- always overseen by a lead teacher (privately-licensed preschools have a 1:12 ratio)
Our standards-based literacy curriculum is Building Language for Literacy by Scholastic. Our experiences and objectives are:
  • Oral language/vocabulary development
  • Letter sounds
  • Letter knowledge
  • Concepts of print
These standards are achieved through hands-on exploration and teacher-guided activities. These activities are built around learning themes that use a project-based approach. We utilize class field trips and small group outings to investigate our projects. Field trips are the "leading event" into a project. The field trips facilitate and enhance meaningful play. These topics may include but are not limited to:
  • grocery store
  • community helpers
  • restaurant
  • pets 
  • homes
  • gardens

Our standards-based math curriculum is Pre-K Math by McGraw Hill. Our experiences and objectives are:

  • Shape/Color
  • Sort/Classify
  • Number Sense
  • Patterns/Measurement
  • Position/Direction
  • Geometric solids

Family receives:

  • parent orientation
  • class visits
  • parent handbook that includes topics such as program philosophy, goals and objectives, activities, eligibility criteria and priorities for enrollment, fee requirements if applicable, and due process procedures 
  • open door policy that encourages parents to participate in the daily activities whenever possible
  • 2 parents conferences regarding assessment of child's progress with a written report
  • opportunity to give feedback through parent review on preschool program

StaffTop of Page

Craig M. Guensler, Superintendent
Wheatland School District
(530) 633-3130  ext.1112

Nichole Steenberg, Preschool Administrative Assistant
Wheatland Child Development
(530) 633-3130  ext. 1115   (530) 633-4807 fax