Family Resource Center

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Phone: (530) 633-4061
Fax: (530) 633-3142

Address: 100 Wheatland Park Drive, Wheatland, CA 95692

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Please visit the following pages to find out more detail about the following programs:

Family Resource Center OverviewTop of Page

The District Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are home to Mentoring, Life Skills, and translation services in Spanish and Hmong. 

Services to families provided through research and development of grant programs include: 
  • parenting
  • tutoring
  • advocacy
  • connection to local and county services


Housed in classroom spaces on both Lone Tree and Bear River campuses, the Family Resource Center is a comfortable space with welcoming staff. 

Bear River School: 8am - 4pm
Wheatland El: 8am - 4 pm


ServicesTop of Page

  • Students drop-in at break, lunch, or after school for help with goal setting, problem solving or a safe fun place to hang out with their friends. We have academic resources and computers, so they can do homework or research projects. 
  • A student store provides access to materials. 
  • Students also may be assigned to the FRC as a study hall or for after-school homework help. Through behavior contracts, the FRC may also monitor student academic or behavior goals and progress and provide incentives.
  • Life Skills provides a time out for student to make up missed work or develop new social skills. This can be assigned for a short-term solution by teachers or more long-term by administrators. In coordination with administration, Life Skills also assists in monitoring in-school suspension.
  • The Mentoring Program starts with a student/parent/or teacher request for mentoring. Our mentors are trained/screened adult volunteers who provide academic and social support to students. 
  • County Resources and Collaboration: Through the Wheatland Youth Collaborative and ongoing communication with several county agencies and programs, the Family Resource Centers can help link families to county services.

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FRC StaffTop of Page

Bear River FRC
Bear River School, Room C103
Monday -Friday 8am - 4pm

Cory O'Neal, District FRC and Mentoring Director
530-633-3135 ext 2107

Jodie Almond, FRC Grant Reporting Supervisor
530-633-4061 ext 2311

Gretchen Steinke, District ACE Mentoring Coordinator
530-633-4061 ext 2244

Shazida Chechi, Assistant Grant Coordinator
530-633-4061 ext 2211

Te'Anna Bendure, Assistant Grant Coordinator
530-633-4061 ext 2211

Wheatland El FRC
Wheatland Elementary School, Room 14
Monday-Friday 8am-4:00pm

Bobbi Brown, Data Collection Supervisor
530-633-8050 ext 3114

Joanna Leal, Assistant FRC Coordinator
530-633-8050 ext 3214

Cheng Soung, Assistant FRC Coordinator
530-633-8050 ext 3214