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Wheatland School District is committed to providing a safe, well-maintained, student-centered learning environment where all our students can:

  • realize their full academic potential
  • develop respect and tolerance for themselves and others, and
  • become involved, responsible citizens

Please browse our website for information you need, and feel free to call or drop into our district office for information or assistance any time.


Craig M. Guensler, Superintendent

Wheatland School District

SCHOOL SAFETY LETTER - Please read the following
To the Wheatland School District Parents and Community, Many of you are aware of the horrific shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Our hearts go out to the entire school population and community over this senseless act of terror and violence. Many of you are also aware of threats made to some schools in the Sacramento Area, as well as one made to the Yuba City Unified School District this week. This tragedy and these ongoing threats highlight the importance of ensuring that we keep our students safe. We want to share some of the safety processes and communication measures the Wheatland School District has in place. Through the school district’s close partnership with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office, the Wheatland Police Department and the Beale Air Force Base Security Forces, we have placed safety as the highest priority. We review safety measures with staff frequently and we practice our district emergency response system monthly. We have lockdown drills at a minimum of 3 times a year at each site and we have fire drills monthly. We also have an Emergency Response System called Catapult. This system is used with all our drills and is an essential communication tool for staff and law enforcement. We have installed a door locking system that keeps the doors locked throughout the day and with the simple flip of a security device we can make sure the doors are closed, locked, and safe without someone having to go outside to lock them. We have security cameras at our intown sites and we have cameras on our buses. We also have established comprehensive school safety plans which were created with the help and guidance of local law enforcement and Beale Security Forces. We have school site safety committees at each school, and run other safety trainings throughout the year. The district has established several communication distribution channels that are designed to keep parents, students and the community abreast of emerging and ongoing emergencies. We will relay up-to-date messaging through our All Call System, our texting system and on our district/site website as well as through our social media channels. Please remind your children that we have a district psychologist, school counselors and our site administration who are there to help students during this time of sadness and fear, as well as to help prevent this type of tragedy from ever occurring. They are also available if anyone needs to report something suspicious or out of the ordinary. In closing, we recognize that an attack on children in any community is an attack on all of our children, and we appreciate the trust you place in us to keep your children safe. We have no greater priority than to provide a safe environment for our students and staff, and we take all threats to student safety extremely seriously.
Craig M. Guensler

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CA Uniform Construction Cost Accounting ActTop of Page

Notice to the Public that the Wheatland (Elementary) School District and its' Board of Trustees has hereby passed and incorporated as part of the by-laws, the California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Act. Under these guidelines, the District and it's Board of Trustees hereby request that any companies, contractors, suppliers within Yuba and surrounding counties wanting to join the agencies qualified bidders list, contact our Program Manager, Innovative Construction Services, Inc. by fax (916) 313-3423 or via email icsadmin@icscm.com.
Information on DIR requirements can be found here DIR Requirements for Public Works Projects

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Kindergarten Pre Registration will be held on March 5th & 6th at Lone Tree School & Wheatland Elementary between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

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Please click the link below to access the school calendar. 
Wheatland School District 2017-18 Calendar

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The 2015-16 school year marked the first time public elementary and secondary schools that offer "competitive athletics" must post data about the gender makeup of their teams and their student participation.  Per Education Code section 221.9, by June 30 of each school year beginning in 2016, each school must make the following information available on it's website:
1) The total enrollment of the school, classified by gender;
2) The number of pupils enrolled at the school who participate in competitive athletics, classified by gender; and
3) The number of boys' and girls' teams, classified by sport and by competition level.
Enrollment:  565
Female:  264
Male:  301
Volleyball:  6th Gr - 19 Female; 7th Gr - 12 Female; 8th Gr - 13 Female
Flag Football:  6th Gr - 8 Male; 7th Gr - 14 Male; 8th Gr - 10 Male
Basketball:  6th Gr - 16 Female & 15 Male; 7th Gr - 11 Female & 10 Male; 8th Gr - 10 Female & 12 Male
Wrestling:  39 Total / 5 Females & 34 Males
Track:  108 Total / 56 Females & 52 Males

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